BOY’s Day 端午の節句

samurai statue

Boys, be ambitious, boys, be healthy and strong!



1.What’s exactlly “Boy’s Day”?

May 5th is the Boy’s Day which is called “Tango no Sekku” and we celebrate the healthy growth boys.
We decorate flying carp-shaped windsocks streamers called “koinobori”. Koi means Carp outside the house, and
decorate samurai armor and warrior dolls inside the house.

Why koi?

Koi, carp are known to be strong fish that can leap up waterfalls. Therefore Koi symbolizes parents’ wishes for their sons to be as strong as carp. Boys be strong!





2.What do we eat on Boy’s Day?

Kashiwamochi,(柏餅) is one of Japanese rice cake made  from rice powder with  sweet bean paste fillings.
They are usually wrapped in oak leaves.

Why oak?

Oak leaves wrap Kashiwamochi t consult the omens,wishing for prosperity of the family, descending from the fact that old oak leaves don’t fall off until a new sprout appears. Wow!




3. Cube Koi

A symbol of Koi (carp) is  said a strong fish as  mentioned before and also said “Swimming jewelry”.
Look at how beautiful they are, They are just like jewelry.
Koi is getting more popular because of its beauty and strength.



We make Cube Koi to to pray for the prosperity of your family. Cube Koi can be used as dish plate, jewelry box, or
interior craft in your house.  Perfect as a present for your grandchildren, friends, or families, too!! Let’s surprise them.



koi carp



Koi carp






see more cube koi




zen matcha cube


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